Learning Skills From 5 Best Online Websites For Freelancers

Learning New Skills

In today’s world, which is entirely altered from a decade ago. Things have transformed, particularly after COVID-19 in March 2020.

Now learning new skills are so easy that anyone can access the materials by just having one internet connection in either home, office, school, or during travel.

People used to prefer a solo career and endure with that position for the rest of their lives. But the backdrop of occupation has rehabilitated radically over the last span.

Modern technology tendencies have enforced people to seek new careers. But all such fresh professions entail the right skill sets. These incipient and erudition talent are all reachable online over websites that deal with online courses.

We have gathered some of the five learning hubs that can help teach you the most in-demand skills.


A website that allows you to mend your financial as well as personal environments. This virtual education community is bursting with free and excellent online education means to help mature certified workshop skills.

There are numerous classes that ALISON offers, some of them include: design thinking, operation Management, Python programming, etc.

Khan Academy

A learning podium has affiliated with NASA, The Academy of Modern Art, and MIT to offer preparation exercises, instructional videos, etc.

It has a modified learning management system that endows students to study as they like and even freestanding the classroom. This platform offers courses on entrepreneurship, GMAT, Finance and Capital markets, etc.


The website was created in 2012 by Harvard University to offer high-quality courses including subjects such as People Management, Project Management, and Solar Energy Engineering, etc.


This website is an American and has massive open online courses founded in 2012 by Stanford University computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. Coursera works with universities and other organizations to offer online courses, certifications, and degrees in a variety of subjects.


This online platform offers classes for learners to become web developers, data analysts, mobile developers, etc. it offers courses including Android development for Beginners, Introduction to Virtual Reality, Statistics, and a lot more.

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